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DocuSign Envelope ID: D9F803C2-2EA9-4966-A643-51ECODD7E32F <br />City of Walla Walla, WA / 3/22/2021 <br />ADDENDUM E <br />Cartegraph OMS Editions <br />Cartegraph OMS supports customers in the operation, maintenance, and management of the following asset <br />domains. By employing these features as applicable, customers can effectively manage and report on the assets <br />that they care about. Indicated below are the capabilities and options available for each OMS Edition at the time <br />this document was prepared, which are subject to change. <br />Work <br />Essentials <br />Pro <br />Plus <br />Premium <br />Dashboard / Home Screen <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />User Management <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Role Management <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Esri GIS Integration <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Report Viewer <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Library Management <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Standard KPI / ROI gadgets <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Esri Identity Ready <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Structure Manager <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Layout Manager <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Import / Export <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Record Filter Administration <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Container / Component <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Embedded Maps <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Report Designer <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Integration Toolkit <br />Option <br />Option <br />Included <br />Cartegraph for Zapier <br />Option <br />Option <br />Included <br />Included <br />Automation Manager <br />Included <br />Included <br />Notification Manager <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Routing — Esri Identity Required <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Geocode Options- Esri Identity Required <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Work <br />Page 10 of 12 <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Included <br />Task Management <br />Page 10 of 12 <br />