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PUBLIC NOTICE <br />Please note that the regularly <br />scheduled City Council meeting <br />on November 1, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. <br />will be held at the Walla Walla <br />Public Library, 238 E. Alder <br />Street, Walla Walla. All regular <br />business and scheduled public <br />hearings will be conducted at this <br />relocated meeting. <br />Anyone with questions on this <br />change in meeting location should <br />contact the City Clerk's office at <br />527 -4424. (Pub. Oct. 30, 2017) <br />Affidavit of Publication <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON, <br />County of Walla Walla } ss. <br />Mary Kay Paul , being first duly sworn <br />upon oath deposes and says: <br />I am Accounting Manager <br />Walla Walla Union - Bulletin, Inc., Publisher of the <br />WALLA WALLA UNION <br />WALLA WALLA DAILY BULLETIN <br />of the <br />approved as a legal newspaper by order of the Superior Court of the State <br />of Washington, in and for Walla Walla County; as such officer I make <br />this affidavit on behalf of said publisher. <br />The legal ad <br />, a true copy of which is <br />annexed hereto, was published in the regular issues (and not in <br />supplement form) of said newspaper, for a period <br />of one day day(s), commencing on <br />the 30th day of Oct <br />, 2017, and <br />ending on the 3 0th day of Oct , 2017, <br />both dates inclusive, and said newspaper was regularly distributed to its <br />subscribers during all of said period. The full amount of the fee charged <br />for the foregoing publication is the sum of $ 28.46 <br />which amount has been paid in full. <br />7>" <br />Subscribed and sworn to before mthis 03 0th day <br />t- <br />of O' , 2017. <br />Notary Public in and f e State of Washington <br />Residing at Walla Walla, Washington <br />■k " <br />iii <br />P,„,mo <br />• q i <br />q�J \s510N Fr j4' <br />.� ``10TARp� n: <br />* ° PUBLIC i* <br />(S.../), 7 20 \-• rte∎`` <br />IOaO <br />