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WHEREAS, the Planning Commission held a public hearing that was duly noticed on <br />December 12, 2016 taking public testimony and making a recommendation to the full City <br />Council on the proposed code amendments; and <br />WHEREAS, the Walla Walla City Council reviewed the Planning Commission <br />recommendation at a Council Work Session on March 13, 2017; and <br />WHEREAS, the Walla Walla City Council continued their discussion of the Planning <br />Commission recommendation at a Council Work Session on April 10, 2017 concluding that <br />additional time and research is warranted to address short term rentals within the City of Walla <br />Walla; and <br />WHEREAS, the Walla Walla City Council directed staff at their July 10, 2017 Council <br />Work Session to bring forward an ordinance to address short term rentals where the unit is the <br />owner's principal residence; and <br />WHEREAS, the legislative record includes research reports suggesting that short term <br />rentals could have an impact on the housing market within a community. Regulating a short term <br />rental that is the owner's principal residence does not contribute to a potential housing shortage <br />within Walla Walla; and <br />WHEREAS, <br />WHEREAS, the Walla Walla City Council has considered adoption of this ordinance <br />during a duly called public meeting of said Council, has given careful review and consideration <br />to said ordinance, finds said ordinance to be in the best interests of the City of Walla Walla, and <br />this ordinance having been passed by at least a majority plus one of the whole membership of the <br />Walla Walla City Council. <br />NOW THEFORE, the City Council of the City of Walla Walla do ordain as follows: <br />Section 1: Amendment to Municipal Code. That Walla Walla Municipal Code Chapter <br />20.139, Short Term Rentals, is hereby added as follows: <br />Chapter 20.139 <br />SHORT TERM RENTALS <br />Sections: <br />20.139.010 <br />Purpose. <br />20.139.020 <br />Definitions. <br />20.139.030 <br />General requirements. <br />20.139.040 <br />Application requirements. <br />20.139.050 <br />Development Standards. <br />20.139.060 <br />Term of annual license and transferability. <br />20.139.070 <br />Violations and repeat offenses. <br />20.139.080 <br />Denial of application of a short term rental. <br />20.139.090 <br />Appeal. <br />20.139.010 Purpose. <br />A. The purpose of this chapter is to establish regulations for the operation of short term rentals <br />within the city. It does not apply to hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts. This chapter also <br />establishes a short term rental license. <br />Page 2 of 19 <br />July 20, 2017 <br />